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Beat the heat! Extreme summer temperatures can pose a danger to kids playing outside – see Banner Children’s tips on how to keep them safe.

Pool protection! Childhood drowning is the second leading cause of death for Arizona children. Banner Children’s offers simple changes to boost safety.

Brain boost! The Neurodevelopmental Follow-Up Program at Cardon Children's Medical Center helps patients get speech and fine motor skills on track.

Teamwork! An army of 15 Banner Children's specialists join forces for patient suffering from CHARGE Syndrome, a pattern of birth defects.

Hygiene Hypothesis: Banner Children’s expert explains some theories as to why food allergies in kids are on the rise.

Concussion conundrum! When is it safe to go back to practice and competition after a head injury? Banner Concussion Center weighs in on this topic..

ATV accidents: Since 1982 in Arizona, over 250 deaths were the result of ATV accidents. Banner Children’s experts discuss off-roading safety.

Beware! Swallowing button batteries can cause serious injuries or even death if not removed quickly. A Banner Children’s expert explains the dangers.

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